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Sustainability - A world where all things, information and minds are connected - Sustainability - A world where all things, information and minds are connected -

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President & CEO SoftBank Corp. Junichi Miyagawa President & CEO SoftBank Corp. Junichi Miyagawa

SoftBank Corp. has contributed to the wellbeing of people and society under our corporate philosophy of “Information Revolution — Happiness for everyone.”
With the rapid progress of digitalization, we experience the digital shift utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI. As we enter the era of the full-scale 5G, as a “comprehensive digital platformer”, we hope to solve social issues by providing digital shifts in all environments. However, the world is facing a range of intensifying social issues, including the occurrence of natural disasters, environmental degradation and gaps in access to information. On the other hand, Japan is facing a wide range of issues such as labor shortage, low birthrate and aging society. Today, the international community is cooperating to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), worldwide themes aimed at realizing a sustainable society where all people can enjoy peace and affluence. We consider contributing to the creation of a sustainable society a top managerial priority, and will thoroughly pursue initiatives to achieve SDGs as a good corporate member of society.

We identified six priority issues (materiality, or key challenges) on the path to developing a sustainable society, based on the concept of “a world where all things, information and minds are connected.” Our criteria for identifying these issues is based not only on its importance to SoftBank Corp., but also on its pertinence to SDGs and the demands of our stakeholders.

The importance of addressing climate change has been increasing as countries around the world have come together to agree on the Paris Agreement in 2015. We support the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures(TCFD) and are promoting the disclosure of information related to climate change. In addition to striving for paperless, energy and resource conservation through the business use of smart devices and IoT in our corporate activities, we contribute to the conservation of energy and resources as well as the protection of biodiversity throughout all of society by providing solutions that leverage digitalization, AI, and IoT.

Our company’s motto is to continue to “challenge” and “evolve”. Through the increased promotion of our Beyond Carrier growth strategy, we will contribute to the realization of our corporate philosophy, help achieve SDGs, and resolve issues facing society.

President & CEO
SoftBank Corp.

Junichi Miyagawa Junichi Miyagawa

Support for SDGs

SoftBank is striving as a member of international society to achieve SDG targets to create a sustainable society.


SoftBank supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Support for SDGs

Sustainability Strategy

We have identified six priority issues (materiality, or key challenges) based on the concept of “a world where all things, information and minds are connected,” and aim to enhance corporate value and realize a sustainable society by engaging with these issues through our “Beyond Carrier” strategy.

Materiality (Priority Issues)

Policy & Structure

Sustainability Basic Policy and Promotion Structure were established as a guideline and serve as the foundation for sustainable growth by earning the trust and support of all our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, and business partners.

We continue to promote social contributions, by following established guidelines.

Sustainability Basic Policy

At SoftBank, we will work to resolve various social issues through our corporate and business activities to realize a sustainable society in which all things, information and minds are connected.

  • We will provide wonder, peace of mind, and delight through customer-oriented business approach.
  • To meet stakeholder expectations, we will continue to challenge ourselves to achieve corporate growth and clearly disclose information.
  • Employee satisfaction, pride, uniqueness and diversity will be encouraged and valued.
  • Mutual trust and fair trade with our suppliers will be a priority (to prevent corruption and degeneracy, etc.).
  • To create a better future for everyone, we will continue to drive an information-based society, support education for the next generation, increase communication for our diverse society, protect the environment and manage resources in a sustainable manner, conserve biodiversity, and provide disaster response and relief.

Promotion Structure

We established the SDGs Promotion Committee (chaired by Junichi Miyagawa) as an advisory body to the Board of Directors to promote an integrated approach to our growth strategy and sustainability. The committee prepares activity reports four times annually.

Internal Executive Structure

Junichi Miyagawa, President & CEO, is ultimately responsible for promoting SDGs, and leads SoftBank Corp. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter the “SoftBank Corp. Group”) in pursuing SDGs and sustainability activities. Fumihiro Aono, Executive Vice President & CHRO, is the executive officer in charge of SDGs promotion, with the SDGs Promotion Office established to promote the SDGs and sustainability activities across the SoftBank Corp. Group.

Internal Executive Structure

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