Principal Operating Data

  1. *1
    Main subscribers: smartphones, feature phones, tablets, mobile data communications devices, Wireless Home Phone and others
  2. *2
    Broadband Services
    SoftBank Hikari: integrated service that combines fiber-optic service using the wholesale fiber-optic connection of NTT East and NTT West with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) service. Cumulative subscribers for SoftBank Hikari includes the number of SoftBank Air subscribers
    Yahoo! BB Hikari with FLET’S: ISP service offered as a package with NTT East and NTT West’s FLET’S Hikari Series fiber-optic connection
    Yahoo! BB ADSL: service combining an ADSL connection service and an ISP service
  3. *3
    ARPU: Average Revenue Per User per month (rounded to the nearest JPY 10)
    (Calculation method)
    Total ARPU = (data-related revenue + basic monthly charges and voice-related revenue + device warranty service revenue + content-related revenue + advertising revenue, etc.) / number of active subscribers
    • Data-related revenue = packet communication and flat-rate charges, basic monthly internet connection charges, etc.
    • Basic monthly charges and voice-related revenue = basic monthly charges, voice call charges, revenue from incoming calls, etc.

    Discount ARPU = monthly discount + broadband service bundle discount (including Home Bundle Discount Hikari Set and Fiber-optic Discount)

    • The calculation of ARPU excludes discount on telecom service revenues relating to points awarded and Half Price Support.
    • Half Price Support enables customers to purchase eligible smartphones in 48 monthly installments, with the remaining monthly payments no longer required if the customer trades in their used handset to upgrade to a designated new model after 24 monthly installments. From September 12, 2019, the Company has stopped accepting new applications for Half Price Support.
    • Home Bundle Discount Hikari Set: a discount on the communication charges of mobile communications services to customers subscribing to bundled packages combining mobile communications services
  4. *4
    Churn rate: average monthly churn rate (rounded to the nearest 0.01%)
    (Calculation method)
    Churn rate = number of churn / number of active subscribers for the relevant period
    • Number of churn: the total number of subscribers who canceled the service during the relevant period. The number of churn excludes the number of subscribers who switch between SoftBank, Y!mobile and LINE MOBILE using Mobile Number Portability (MNP).
    • Churn rate (smartphones): Churn rate for smartphone subscribers within main subscribers
    • Number of active subscribers: the total of the monthly numbers of active subscribers for the relevant period ((cumulative subscribers at the beginning of the month + cumulative subscribers at the end of the month) / 2)
  5. *5
    E-commerce transaction value: total transaction value of Reuse business, Shopping business, Other (Merchandise), ASKUL Corporation’s BtoB-related revenue via internet (closing date: 20th of every month), Services, and Digital Content
  6. *6
    Group total advertising revenue: Total of Yahoo! JAPAN total advertising revenue and LINE total advertising revenue from FY21Q1. Group total advertising revenue includes shopping-related advertising revenue of commerce and display advertising revenue, account advertising revenue and other advertising revenue.
  7. *
    Name of the segment has been changed to Yahoo! JAPAN/LINE segment from FY21Q1 in relation to the business integration of LINE Corporation and Z Holdings in March 2021