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Corporate Responsibility:Leveraging SoftBank's unique strengths

Through the information revolution,
we aim to have a positive impact on society and people's lives as a trusted and respected company.

What is our vision for SoftBank as the company driving the information revolution,
and as a member of society?
We want to use our strengths to make a unique contribution to society.

Through sound business activities,
we have established structures and guidelines that guide our approach to tackling social issues in a sustainable manner.
We will continue working to create a society in which everyone can play an active role.

CEO Message

The world is facing a range of intensifying social issues, including the occurrence of natural disasters, environmental degradation and gaps in access to information. On the other hand, Japan is facing a wide range of issues such as labor shortage, low birthrate and aging society. Today, the international community is cooperating to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), worldwide themes aimed at realizing a sustainable society where all people can enjoy peace and affluence. We consider contributing to the creation of a sustainable society a top managerial priority, and will thoroughly pursue initiatives to achieve SDGs as a good corporate member of society.

Junichi Miyagawa President & CEO, SoftBank Corp.

Leveraging our unique strengths

  • Safety Concerns

    CSR for a Healthy Internet Society

    As an internet company, SoftBank is committed to establishing an environment in which everyone can use the internet, smartphones, and other mobile communications services safely and enjoyably. SoftBank also promotes CSR activities designed to teach children the proper way to use the Internet safely and securely in order to support their healthy development.

  • Realizing a Diverse Society

    Creating a Society in which Everyone is Free to be Themselves

    SoftBank wants to transform the lives of people all around the world, of various background and capabilities, and bring them more convenience, enrichment and joy. We want to contribute to the creation of a diverse society where everyone can play an active role.