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Promoting a Digitalized SocietyUsing information technology
to make your tomorrow freer
and more comfortable

A world where internet connectivity is a given.
Information technology has become closely entwined with societies and lifestyles
and the benefits received can change greatly depending on environment.
However, there are still people in the world who do not have the means or opportunities
to access these benefits, creating a widening information divide.

We want to create a world that provides equal internet access to everyone.
We want to create an environment that provides opportunities to interact
with the latest technologies and enables people to take on challenges.

Our goal is to use information technology to realize a society
where everyone, everywhere can lead a comfortable and free life.

Reducing the number of people without information access to zero

Our development into an information society is progressing at an ever-increasing speed. We want to provide opportunities for using new technology in order to create an environment in which an individual can freely access various information regardless of the region or environment in which they live. Our aim is to realize a society in which any one can strive to realize their dreams and achieve their goals.

Realizing a world where everyone can enjoy the best medical care and support

We want to use information technology to connect people with healthcare. We are contributing to the creation of an environment that preserves health by giving all people access to cutting edge medical care, early illness detection services, and preventative healthcare at anytime, anywhere.

Aiming for a connected society that transcends regions

We want to realize a society in which people help and support each other. We are using information and communications technology to transcend the limitations posed by time and distance to connect people around the world with regions and groups that need support. We are always encouraging continuous, closer support.