Creating a Healthy Working Environment

In accordance with our basic mental and physical health policy, we aim to maintain and improve the health of our employees. Furthermore, as the physical and mental wellbeing of each individual employee is the driving force behind realizing both company and personal dreams and ambitions, we have positioned the maintenance and improvement of employee health as an important management issue in our Health Management Declaration.

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    SB Atwork Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp.

Health Management Declaration

The most important foundation for tackling this new stage of the information revolution and realizing continuing growth is to be a group in which each individual employee is healthy in both mind and body and always brimming with energy. In signature SoftBank style, we will actively utilize cutting edge AI and information and communication technologies to promote health management that maintains and enhances the wellbeing of our employees and their families.

Junichi Miyagawa
President & CEO, SoftBank Corp.

The basic mental and physical health policy outline

  • Support the wellbeing of all SoftBank Group employees so all work aspirations can be achieved with a sound body and mind.
  • Work to create a safe and comfortable work environment in which each employee can reach their full potential.
  • Observe compliance related to occupational health and safety laws to become a highly trusted corporate group amongst internal and external stakeholders.

Health Management Promotion System

  • Health Management Promotion System

Activities to improve the health of employees

Establishment of a Wellness Center

Establishment of a Wellness Center

We are working with the Wellness Center operated by SB Atwork Corp. to provide an environment in which occupational specialists in internal medicine and psychiatry, public health nurses, and counsellors are available at all times to discuss physical and mental issues.

Offering mentoring in the workplace with the peer supporter system

Offering mentoring in the workplace with the peer supporter system

A peer support system is in effect whereby employees who hold occupational counselor or health and safety qualifications can volunteer to offer consultations in the workplace upon passing screening and training.
Peer supporters can be identified by pink strap around their necks. Peer supporters help employees who are hesitant to raise workplace issues with management or visit the Wellness Center, providing a comfortable environment for discussion. The initiative aims to address concerns quickly and create a more comfortable work environment.

Promoting regular health examinations

Promoting regular health examinations

In order to facilitate the early detection and treatment of diseases, we educate employees regarding the importance of regular health examinations and encourage them to receive checkups. In fiscal 2017, 99.7% of employees received a health examination.

Carrying out stress checks

Carrying out stress checks

As part of our mental healthcare provision, we encourage all employees to take regular stress checks using the Wellness Eye system. This encourages self-care that helps prevent damage to mental wellbeing and has been useful in improving work place conditions.

Introducing online medical consultation

Introducing online medical consultation

We are introducing an online medical consultation system in which employees can access a highly knowledgeable medical team made up primarily of specialists through their computers or smart phones in order to discuss any health or healthcare-related worries and anxieties affecting themselves or their families.

Providing health improvement programs

We are supporting efforts by our employees to maintain their health by providing them with information divided into four themes, each targeting an area in which we hope to improve health, as well as venues in which they can work on each of these themes.

  • Holding “Morning Yoga” classes
  • Holding lectures on sleep debt to counter lack of sleep
Improving eating habits
  • Holding seminars
  • Carrying out e-learning aimed at improving eating habits
  • Providing healthy meal choices (employee cafeteria “Festa”)
Encouraging exercise habits
  • Holding “Morning Yoga” classes
  • Holding walking events
  • Holding stretching classes taught by a physiotherapist
  • Encouraging employee club activities
Reducing the ratio of smokers
  • Carrying out activities to discourage smoking in combination with “No Smoking Day” held on the 22nd of each month
  • Sending out “Non-Smokers' Column” e-mail newsletters
  • Holding events for checking lung age
Improving mental healthcare
  • Holding lectures on sleep debt to counter lack of sleep
  • Carrying out e-learning on self-care and team-care
Other (women's health)
  • Sending out “Women's Health and Happiness Support Column”
  • Holding women's health support seminars

Initiatives to Improve the Work Environment

Preventing workplace harassment

The SoftBank provides awareness training through topic-based seminars and e-learning for all workers with the goal of ensuring a healthy and safe workplace free of all forms of harassment. Should a harassment incident occur, a primary contact point has been established so appropriate measures can be taken as quickly as possible. As part of that response, a counselor will first listen to what happened, and then discuss next steps with the employee. All consultations are handled with complete confidentiality.

Promoting work-life balance

As part of efforts to promote working style transformation, we have established the work slogan “Smart & Fun!” with the aim of getting workers working smartly while having fun. This ties into our initiatives to maintain and enhance employee health and we are improving the ratio of paid leave taken by employees*.

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    Ratio of paid leave taken in fiscal 2017: 75.1%