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Basic Policy and Promotion Structure

Sustainability Basic Policy and Promotion Structure were established as a guideline and serve as the foundation for sustainable growth by earning the trust and support of all our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, and business partners.

We continue to promote social contributions, by following established guidelines.

Sustainability Basic Policy

At SoftBank, we will work to resolve various social issues through our corporate and business activities to realize a sustainable society in which all things, information and minds are connected.

  • We will provide wonder, peace of mind, and delight through customer-oriented business approach.
  • To meet stakeholder expectations, we will continue to challenge ourselves to achieve corporate growth and clearly disclose information.
  • Employee satisfaction, pride, uniqueness and diversity will be encouraged and valued.
  • Mutual trust and fair trade with our suppliers will be a priority (to prevent corruption and degeneracy, etc.).
  • To create a better future for everyone, we will continue to drive an information-based society, support education for the next generation, increase communication for our diverse society, protect the environment and manage resources in a sustainable manner, conserve biodiversity, and provide disaster response and relief.
Sustainability Basic Policy

Support for SDGs

As a member of the international community, the SoftBank together with its group companies will contribute toward achieving the SDGs by advancing these core themes and taking initiatives to resolve social issues.

GRI Content Index

GRI Guidelines corresponding to various disclosure requests.